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Vergaderruimte OV91 vanaf de deur

Welcome to the website of the most  beautiful conference  accommodation of Leiden

Our attractive and completely renovated conference accommodation is located at the Oude Vest 91 in the old inner city of Leiden.

The property was built at the beginning of the 19th century and owns a beautiful, spacious room that is perfect for meetings, lectures and other (business) meetings.

In the past the property was used as church during the war, women’s shelter and sound studio.

The five-metre-high ceilings and the windows in the roof create a special atmosphere.

The property is located near the municipal theatre and the Mare Church. It is located near the largest shopping street on not even 5 minutes walking distance. Beforehand and afterwards you can so use the the shopping opportunities or take a beautiful walk along the canals.

Have a look and let yourself and surprise yourself by the unique location and the variety of possibilities.