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Our guests have different backgrounds. They use the conference room for divergent goals. The following guests visited OV91: Amnesty International, Stichting River Dunes, Akzo Nobel, T-Mobile, and the choir Lingua Musica, Dunea, Heineken, IKEA. Alliander.

Annemiek Caminada, Jeanne van der Voorts (Event organization)
Tuesday 6 september we organized at OV91 a high tea for a group of 18 persons. After a boat trip through the canals in an open boat stopped again at the “Oude Vest 91”. The guests were very surprised when they were received in the beautiful, stylishly renovated room. After a delicious high tea some guests went to the shopping center. Others were picked up for transportation to the parking “Haagweg”. We have already organized events in various locations but the warm atmosphere and hospitality of this location is very nice. Something to repeat.

Maaike Neys (Amnesty International)
-Nice location, excellent located in relation to shopping centre, cultural activities,
-About the lunch: very tasty and well cared for
-Service: excellent, very friendly and well received
-In the future: if we organise a training again, we like to visit OV91 again!

Catja van den Broek (Fortior, organization for education of professionals in care centres)
“OV91 is a pleasant and homely location for meetings and seminars. Miriam and Annemieke are very helpful and service oriented. In our view, a must for all companies that need an intimate location.”

Casper Zorg HR-projects (Akzo-Nobel)
"On 11 January I had a team meeting scheduled at OV91. About a week in advance I was called and asked about the needs and context of the meeting. I was pleasantly surprised about the conversation about the atmosphere for the meeting and was very impressed with the "personal touch" to create that atmosphere (until the smallest detail). The location is gorgeous. The reception was very welcoming, excellent lunch (and healthy) but above all you will notice that both promoters feel in the success of your meeting. OV91 is an absolute must. "

Eric Geelen (photographer)
"On Sunday 14 October I used this splendid location. This time the location was not used as a conference room but as photograph studio. Because of the  royal dimensions, the space is  extremely arranged as a photograph studio. The white walls were used as neutral context, the stairs were also used during photographing. With model Els and the visagist  Sanne it was a succesfull fotoshoot. I ‘ll be back.".

Co van Dongen operational manager water company (Dunea, Duin & Water)
“Surprise at the Oude Vest 91.
Behind the big entrance along a Leiden canal a special conference accommodation is hidden. After a warm welcome, we entered a very special conference room. That afternoon, we had as a group of 23 persons a very good meeting. The perfect service made our conference perfect. I advise you to go there.”

Ellen Houwer (Lingua Musica)
"Our choir was welcomed hospitable and friendly in this beautiful space. A fine manicured environment with all the luxury that we could wish for. Even the acoustics was adapted to our needs. We have rehearsed with pleasure. Pity that our choir was sometimes too big for this location. Thanks for all of the provided service.”

 Peter Riemens  (T-Mobile Netherlands BV)
"OV91 is a beautiful and spacious location in the centre of Leiden. Parking in front of the door is possible. We were received hospitable and good care was taken of us; fine lunch, snack at the coffee and still what goodies along for traveling on departure. We certainly come back again." 

Claar Els (General Manager Association of Science and Technology transfer Professionals)
"We have had a very nice day with you. It was a fine room, especially for this group of around 18 people, nice high ceiling, spacious with calm colours. The catering was also good; tasty and plenty, particularly the nuts/pretzels at the end of the day were welcome. Our Italian guest liked the pasta and high quality salad. And the service of you OV91-people was also fine; friendly, attentive and well aligned. Not too formal but professional. In short, a very good experience we surely come back.”

Martine Huizing – van Etten (IKEA-Group)
"In april 2013, we organized  a team event at the Oude Vest 91. The atmosphere of the place (there is a good spirit) and the personal care (what a nice lunch) have contributed to a very good day and night! Also great that we could use the kitchen for our dinner so we could keep intact the team spirit throughout the day. The bright high space creates an open feeling and we recommend OV91 highly."

Jose Salhi (Kluwer)
“We have certainly had a good meeting. Everything was as we like it, what a huge amount of goodies! And what a service of the ladies. They even prepared sandwiches for a colleague who had not had lunch.Fantastic. I'm going to remember the location and communicate my experiences to colleagues and friends that look for accommodation.Thank you very much for the good care.”


Mail your experience to: info@ov91.nl