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What does the accommodation offer?

The space is suitable for meetings, classes, lectures, meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and courses.

The surface is approximately 60 m2 and therefore suitable for meetings of some individuals or small groups up to a maximum of 24 people.

The space is not meant for extensive celebrations and parties, but anniversaries or birthdays are negotiable. In consultation, we look like what the possibilities are.

The use of the accommodation can be combined with a walk, catering, a cruise or a multitude of activities in the centre of Leiden.

Depending on your wishes the space can be set up in a u-shape, a classroom block or a carré. See the annex for some possibilities.

In terms of facilities is present: beamer, whiteboard, flip over internet connection (cable and wireless), sound equipment. Its use is included in the rental price, so there are no additional charges for the use of these features calculated. For guests coffee, tea, water, soda and fruit juices are available.

We can offer a well-kept lunch at a small extra charge. In consultation additional wishes can be accommodated.

The meeting room is to hire for a day or part of a day.